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About us



“Luxeria” company was founded in 2008, entering the market in a critical economy period, faced many challenges, won popularity and trust between customers.

The companu has a wide range of products, including:

1. Glazed filled in honey-cakes JAMMY ,

2. Glazed filled in cookies,

3. Glazed cookies with zephyr,

4. Mini honey-cakes,

5. Croissant

6. Glazed filled in zephyr,

7. Truffle,

Other various types of cookies and cakes.

Products are offered at the market in various comfortable and modern packaging. The company designed and promoted new packing decisions: somehow developing by that the Armenian confectionary market.

Pursuing hygiene and automatisation, produxt forming is made mainly by automized equipment, excluding direct contact of employees with the row material. The entire production is organized by high standard famous equipment of worldwide corporations: theese are forming machines, mixers, stoves, packaging points, etc. Modern conditions of hygien and cleanness are set uped at production area.

The company has a modern marketing strategy, appearing and promoted by an original design imaging on its packaging, cars, promotion materials and advertisements. New product brands are created and promoted, being registered at Intellectual property agency of RA.

Dynamic and heakthy athmosphere are dominating in the stuff, thanks to that employees are devoted to make products better and taster.