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Ekler recipe

Ekler recipe



eggs - 6 pcs.

butter - 100 g

sugar - 1 cup

Cold water - 1 cup

salt - a pinch.

soda - half a tea spoon

flour - 1 cup


milk - 2 cups

sugar - 1 cup

Egg - 2 pcs.

flour - 2 tablespoon,


butter - 200 g

powdered sugar

Pour the water into a small pot, add butter, sugar, and put on the fire. Constantly stir until the butter and sugar assimilate with water. Add soda and salt to flour. Then take the  pot from the fire, immediately pour sieved flour, mix all with fast movements. As soon as the mass is homogeneous, put the pot on the fire again,this time on the low fire. Mix the dough, roasting it, until the baking aroma spreads around. Then take up the pot from the fire, and leave it to freeze. Break the eggs, mix them with dough sequentially. Put oil paper or sprinkle flour in the pan. Make small lamps with the teaspoon, and put them in the pan, leaving some space between lamps, because they're growing 2 times after baking. Bake at 150 C until lamps become pink. Make cooked cream. Put cream into the lamps, sprinkle some powdered sugar and serve.