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Cake Napoleon

Cake Napoleon


Dough. 80g butter Katnarat

100g sugar

2 eggs

300-350 ml of milk

½ t.g. baking powder

800-900 g flour


Cream. 500g cooked condensed milk

700 ml cream

500ml milk

4 ch.g. starch

2 eggs

Powdered sugar, to taste


Preparation method,

Dough. At room temperature Katnarat butter whisk sugar, to become kremanman mass whisk eggs, add butter, then pour in the milk and mix 150g flour mixed with baking powder and sprinkle milk and eggs on the way to gradually increase the flour until the dough becomes elastic and not sticky. : We cover the dough and let rest for 30 minutes.

Divide the dough to 20 equal parts, each part is very thin and we open pierced fork Baking temperature range 170-180 ° C for about 4 minutes, received a circular cutting layers, and remains until it becomes like a few minutes before baking and karmri.

Cream. Oslna eggs and beat well and add milk takatsrats a little earlier in the marmand Weight put on the fire and we are constantly throwing up pndanale: Leaves on the mass of the awning, then add the cooked condensed milk.

We adhere to the elements of cold cream and sugar to dust pndanale: cream parts adds mass to the milk and mix well, from bottom to top.

We spread a layer of cream on each and edges of each strip is approximately 4 ch.g. cream decorate the edges of the baking pshrats remains to keep the cake refrigerated per night.


Enjoy your meal.