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Advices from Luxeria

Advices from Luxeria

"Lyukseria" company is engaged in the production of biscuits and pastries for more than 5 years of production in this sector is very interesting and fun to work in this field are important not only for experience and skill, but also need to be put into the work of love, warmth and positive emotions, which should be able to transfer the sign: the dough is very interesting work on the subject, it makes the job of creative, calm the nerves to know that psychologists use khmorn therapeutic purposes, because the communication with the baking healing effect it has on people, we love our work. and we hope that we are able to 'Lyukseriayi' products through you to the sweet and positive emotion.

We would like to share with you some of the secrets of making dough.

(1) To get the dough soft and bloated, it is important to use a good maghvi flour.

2 Pies baking in the recommended use of potato starch,

3 In addition to baking recommend using half a cup of milk mineral water,

4 The area where the dough is huntsvum, the draft should not be

5 To make the dough, and equally, you have to bake marmand on fire.

6; Yeast containing khmorner sauces, all ingredients should be at room temperature or warm, and liquids 30-35 ° C,

7; In case of excess sugar in the dough, the faster the karmrum, sometimes even burning the

8; If you want the dough to be more subtle and pkhlvogh, inside the egg drop deghnutse.

9; Close donut rub on the whipped eggs, milk or shakarajur that glitters on a baking sheet emerge

10. No matter how much fat and less water in the dough, Icon khmorn becomes more fragile,

11. Thin dough is easier to open, if grdnaki on katane clean cloth wrapping,

12. If the dough is too wet to be obtained, it will roll yughatghti on

13. Puff pastry tkhvatskablitnere sarcheluts Forms should be removed only after

14. If you ltsnek raisins into dough, roll it in flour in advance,

15. If khmorn has matured, but the oven is not ready for the picture trjats paper and left water drops

16. Hot shape pastry slash is not made, if necessary, knife trjek very hot water, dry and fast cutting.

 17. If the dough does not come out from frying pan, remove it from kochi layered.