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Luxeria producec new croissants with real French recepie

Luxeria producec new croissants with real French recepie

Lyukseria company to market a new product, a real French "Croissants" It has a very subtle taste of this biscuit and more popular all over the world will be treated to all lovers of the air soft and flaky dough, chocolate filling, made by the French recipe is not only very tasty, but also made exclusively from natural and fresh foods with no nutritional additives.

Kruasane (croissant) is particularly popular in France, it has mainly served breakfast, hot chocolate or coffee word translated means "crescent" Kruasane can be considered one of the symbols of France, which has an interesting origin story.

For the first time kisalusnadzev biscuits begin to produce in Austria, which is why France adopted a similar tkhvatskablitnere often called "Vienna."

According to legend kisalusnadzev tkhvatskablitnere first bake in Vienna, in 1683. The Ottoman Empire was to celebrate the victory against the Ottoman Empire army besieged Vienna by night, and try to surprise a avstriatsinerin captured the city, but the Austrian hrushakagortsnere who were working at night to see them stand up and stop the Austrian troops were defeated and they betray osmannerin victory Austrian hrushakagortsnere biscuits baked in the shape of the crescent moon, which was depicted on the flag osmanneri According to legend Ferdinand 1, nine great lover of sweets, he opened a confectionery workshop in Vienna, where he was invited to Spain and Holland's best hrushakagortsnerin And this is the workshop Peter Vendlere will begin to produce osmanneri symbolizing victory against kisalusnadzev tkhvatskablitnere.

And they first appeared in France in 1770, moving to France Mary Antuanneti is here that kruasannere received their current appearance, began production of flaky pastry.

The dictionary «croissant» word appeared in 1863. The first recipe was published in 1891 in 1920. It was considered the favorite tkhvatskablite France.

Kruasannere made by various nuclei, as sweet (chocolate, condensed milk, fruit, jam, jemov, jelly, etc.) and salt (with cheese, spinach, mushrooms, etc.).

Kruasani preparation time is very important to make flaky dough just embraced the npatalov dough into a circular opening, the diameter of the separation of 8 parts, each part is embraced by the broad and narrow.

We hope you will feel the taste of our products hamteseluts frnasiakan nrbtyune.